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San Diego Property Management

Urban Coast Properties soars above the status quo, driven by unwavering integrity, a relentless dedication to delivering exceptional service, and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

Modern Renter Platform

Our modern solution of an online and streamlined tenant and owner platform allows us to anticipate issues and be proactive with our tenants. 

Online Applications

With our advanced technology, Urban Coast Properties enables seamless online application submissions. Through our streamlined process, we carefully screen applicants and select the most suitable candidate. Once chosen, we send them an online lease agreement for convenient completion.

Save Time and Money

Urban Coast Properties significantly reduces the processing time required for candidate evaluation. This time-saving advantage empowers us to evaluate a larger pool of applicants, increasing our chances of finding the ideal tenant who best meets our criteria and expectations.

The Numbers

Here are some milestones we have reached.

Properties in our portfolio that we have either rented, sold or listed.
Our average current tenant's income as compared to their rent.
Satisfaction according to a recent tenant satisfaction survey.
Why work with us.

What's Included

  • Tenant screening and credit verification
  • Managing tenants and tenants’ expectations
  • We collect rents and deposits
  • No markup on maintenance or repairs
  • Annual walk-throughs for proactive management
  • Accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping
Zero hidden fees
We communicate with clients and tenants so you don't have to.
Full property account and reporting

How we help owners

From retail to office and everything in between, Urban Coast Properties provides commercial management services for our clients which includes collecting rent, charging back CAMs/NNNs, monthly reporting/accounting, and handling any maintenance or projects that may arise.  We contract with appropriate vendors to ensure the property meets necessary safety and code standards.